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Hotel policy

Reservation cancellation

  • Free cancellation until 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • After this deadline, a fine of a daily room rate will be charged.
  • In case of non-attendance, a fine of a daily room rate will be charged.

Hotel minor accommodation

  • It is permitted for guests under the age of 18 to stay at our hotel as long as they are accompanied by parents or legal guardian along with official documents.
  • It is permitted for guests under the age of 18 unaccompanied by parents as long as a guest authorization given by parents and legally registered at a notary public or an authorization dispatched by a legal authority is presented.
  • It is mandatory to present original or certified copy of birth certificate or ID of minor and ID of parent or legal guardian.
  • We inform that a travel authorization is different from a hotel accommodation authorization and that a travel authorization will not be accepted as a substitute to a hotel accommodation authorization.
  • A hotel accommodation authorization is under legal support in the articles 82 and 250 of the Statute of child and adolescent – ECA as written below:
    Article 82. The accommodation of a child or adolescent is prohibited in hotels or similar institutions, unless authorized or accompanied by parent or legal guardian.
    Article 250. It is prohibited to accommodate children or adolescents unaccompanied by parents or legal guardian or without a written consent from parent, legal guardian or legal authority in hotels, inns, and motels or akin: (under law nr. 12.038 of 2009).

No smoking

  • According to our hotel internal policy and regulations and in compliance to Act 12.456 of 2011 art. 49, we inform that it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the public areas and internal areas of the apartments in our hotels.
  • Our hallways and apartments are equipped with smoke detectors which should not be handled nor disabled. Any attempt to handle smoke detectors will set off the fire alarm and any damage caused to the detector will result in a fine of R$1.000,00 (one thousand reais).
  • Hygiene Fee: we are committed to present a room free of odors to our guests. In case the use of smoking products is detected in the apartment, a hygiene fee equivalent to one daily room rate will be charged (refer to rates charged at reception desk of the hotel). This fee will be used to perform an intense hygiene after check-out and will result in the non-use of the room for one day.